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SANSKRIT- The Mother tongue of Langauges


   "Sanskrit" a language born in the terrains of the Indian sub continent is the world's oldest spiritual language.It was documented in Devanagari script which was the earliest script next to the Brahmi script(extinct).
However the exact origin of the language is unknown and always much debated topic.Panini,an ancient scholar developed the grammar for Sanskrit nearly 5,000 years ago. Researchers came to know that Sanskrit is phonetically complex of all the languages.It is estimated that more than 102 Arab words have been composed from this ancient language.
A fine set of languages as Celtic,French,Latin,Spanish,Persian,Gothic and all the Indian languages have their roots in Sanskrit itself.
Tamil is the oldest of all languages,says the Tamil literates.But 74% of the Tamil language is derived from Sanskrit itself.

The endearment towards Sanskrit for Indians is so strong,they have always flaunted about the language even if there is no scientific evidence so far.But the increase in scientific technology and archaeological enthusiasm paved ways to the unanticipated.

Sanskrit inscriptions on a tablet found to be 3,000 years old.Image source:Flickr

The role of Sanskrit in curing mental illness:

 A set of words in Sanskrit called "Bheej Akshara" have the power to cure mental illness when recited.The  phonetic feature acts as a speech therapy,sounds funny??

 Several schools in Europe have incorporated Sanskrit in their curriculum.St.Xavier's junior school in London conducts annual speech competitions on Sanskrit slokas from Upanishads.

Pronouncing Sanskrit words triggers the Prana(life force) of the individual.

 Though Sanskrit is decrepit and under-looked in our country.The language is thriving in European schools since 1975.Universities like Oxford,Edinburgh,Cambridge have departments for Sanskrit.

The german airlines Lufthansa is a Sanskrit word,meaning Luft(extinct) Hansa(swan).

 "OM" have a considerable importance in Sanskrit,recently the NASA scientists have recorded the "sound of sun",which is beyond the audible range of humans(20 Hz to 20,000 Hz).And astonishingly a segment of the audio in the first recording is interpreted as sounding "OM".

Is Sanskrit can be used as a programming language???

 Yes,says the computer linguists.

 Rick Briggs,a NASA scientist in 1986 released an article stating that Sanskrit can be the only natural language which can be used for programming.And the computer linguists around the world lashed out with biased views.The ambiguity of the language in natural language programming(NLP) was always questioned by the westerners.

 Keeping aside the views of Briggs and Artificial Intelligence developers, a research team in India led by Shashank saxena and raghava agarwal have developed an algorithm using the idea of ashtadhyayi(a Sanskrit grammar).They said the grammatical framework implemented by Panini is enough to analyze other languages as well.

 Aryan invasion theory (AIT must read) a historic attempt made by the Europeans to snatch the literary knowledge of Indian civilization by plagiarism.

 The invention of Sanskrit is made long before Noah as per biblical timeline and Mahabharatha as per Hindu timeline.
 The archaeological,astronomical and anthropology evidences in the harappan valley dates back the origin of Sanskrit to 8,000 BC.

"But how such an intellectual language is invented by our primitive ancestors??"

"Allegedly speaking,a highly intelligent alien race have altered our human genetics,when human was a simian creature.Nearly 63 to 65 make ups in our genetic coding have resulted in the modern human"says Robert(Bob) Lazar a physicist in Area 51.

As per Biologists,there is a missing link in the evolution of the man.The alterations in our DNA is still a conundrum.

 "Our world was never the same.An elephant was descended from a gigantic mammoth and a smilodon prolapsed in to a tiger.And like wise,our human race may have descended from an intelligent life form(The Gods)".


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