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The Significance of Dasavataras?


In the Hindu mythology, there is a great prominence for the "Dasavatars"( The Ten forms). These are the ten forms of lord Vishnu who is reincarnated as different figures through the Indian timeline.
The ten forms of Dasavatars as per Hindu Puranas. Image source: Flickr

But most people are not aware of the importance of their positions.They were arranged in a particular order through which the evolution of life is depicted accurately thousands of years before Charles Darwin.

Rayar Gopuram in Mahabalipuram
with ten forms sculpted.
Image source: Flickr

In Mahabalipuram a stupa which is carved out of the rock is abandoned as the order of  two avatars(Bala Rama and Rama) are misplaced by the sculptor, this may sound as a folly.But the priests who are aware of the order's prominence didn't entertain the mistake(the mistake cannot be rectified as the temple is carved out of rock,so one misstep could ruin the whole project ).

So why they are so particular about the positions?What is the relation between dasavatars and the evolution of life forms on earth?

Each avatar depicts a particular stage of evolution of a life form on our planet.

Before going into the topic, i hope that most of you are aware that evolution has begun with 
invertebrates(spineless beings like insects )which further evolved into vertebrates(beings with spinal cord).The dasavatars start from vertebrates.Fish are the first vertebrates to evolve into larger beings.Let me elucidate the avatars.

1." Matsya avatar":

Matsya avatar denotes the fish which dominated the earth during the certain period of time.Our earth has been swarmed with fish which dominated the planet 350million years ago.

Now the fish transformed into amphibians.

2. Kurma avatar:

This avatar is a turtle which resembles the formation of an amphibian from a sea creature. Scientists discovered that "tilakdaak" fish were the first to leave the water and walk the land.

Now amphibians are evolved into rodent mammals.

3.Varaha avatar:

Varaha means pig.This avatar represents all the rodents which are evolved from the earlier amphibians.Rodents range from tiny squirrels to large boars.Mammals have developed a brain which regulates the body temperature and the circulatory system.

Now the evolution leaped from plant-eating rodents to flesh-eating carnivores.

4.Narasimha avatar:

This form is half man and half lion which look like a hybrid of human and animal.This represents all the carnivores which swarmed the land by preying on other animals flesh.

After this fourth form animals are ignored from description as mankind has evolved in to a dominant being.

5.Vaamana avatar:

Vaamana is a dwarf-like being.This form represents the "Neanderthals" who are the ancestors of homo sapiens, they have 100 cc more volume of the brain than the modern human.The Avatar holds stick and pottery in his hands depicts the ability of the species to invent tools for his need.

Next comes the 6.Parasu Rama:

This figure holds an axe in his hand which shows that the humans learned to extract the metals from ores around them,with which they invented tools and weapons.This age can be compared with the period when human continued to exploit the metals.for eg: iron age,bronze age etc.

7.Lord Rama:

Rama holds a bow and an arrow in his hands, it shows the use of advanced weapons by humans in the field of hunting and in self-defense.

"One man one wife" "standing by the word" "family values".The entire story behind this avatar rotates around how man developed importance for culture, family, society and morale.

8.Bala Rama:

Bala Rama holds a Plough in his hand representing the era in which humans learned to cultivate his own crops for food and also developed agricultural techniques.

9."Sri Krishna":

The great manipulator, street smart,politician.Sri krishna is a witty and charming character.Used his wit against others to defeat them.He uses a weapon called "vishnu chakra" a revolving disc which once thrown will return to him,which signifies the use of technology in the ancient world.Sri Krishna used a flute to lure gopikas and to control vast herds of cattle,convey the development of musical instruments during his period.

Most of the modern historians have penned "Buddha" as one of the dasavataras , but as it is completely untrue and this misconception should be put away.

So far, we came across 9 of the 10 forms.
The last and the final form is the "Kalki", which means "Destroyer and Deliverer" in Sanskrit.

Kalki statue
Image source: Flickr
Kalki form is described as a being with a horse face and the body of a human.There is a belief that vishnu will take the form of kalki at the end of kaliyug,he is an extra terrestrial entity or an alien to our mankind(as per ancient astronaut theorists).He will have a third eye(activated pineal gland) and can differentiate good from the bad by looking at it.kalki is not one but many.They will invade our planet and slaughter all those who are immoral and sinful just like the way it is explained in the Bible about the "judgement day"

Indian mythology is accurate & precise about the evolution,which is illustrated through the dasavatars.We Indians under look our mythological beliefs but simultaneously westerners are examining our historic scripts with great enthusiasm.

The die glocke, a space craft designed
during 3rd riech(bearing the swastik symbol used by
nazi Germany)

I can provide a historical example on how other countries benefited from our Puranas.

Project: Wunderwaffe- Germany during the 3rd regime.
Germany during the 3rd reich under the leadership of Adolf Hitler experimented the theories of our historic scripts like "vaimanika sastra" to create weapons of mass destruction and flying saucers during the world war-2 period.
The "Die Glocke" Nazi bell, a space craft.its design is inspired from the shape of the gopuras of Hindu temples.The die glocke when commissioned found out to be the best aerodynamically stable design beyond Mach speeds.

I am not boasting about the Hindu mythology,but i want everyone to be aware of the fact that a colossal expertise has existed in our past which is to be acknowledged.

I regret the blurred images. 

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