Sunday, October 11, 2015

Holy Cow - Mother or Meat ??



       Modi's government(The no-no government) has recently(in mid 2015) banned the consumption & storage of beef,the slaughter of cows and bulls in India.Few states(kerala, meghalaya, mizoram, tripura, sikkim and arunachal pradesh) were exempted from the ban.And a violator of this ban will be charged with a hefty toll and a long time in prison in some states.

A woman caressing a calf. Image source : Flickr

              And this ban has triggered a cold war between the supporters and the non supporters.But the major brawl is between Muslims and Hindus which is a hypersensitive affair.This ban could limit the choices of meat for Muslims.As Muslims cannot eat pork as per Islam, and now if beef is banned goat and chicken will be their only choices.So,they are resisting the ban.From the other side the Hindus who worship the cow are fighting back.

recent tragedy that has taken place in u.p has jolted me(read full story).A man of 50 years (suspected for slaughtering cow after the announcement of ban) is dragged from his house and stoned to death by a mob who are driven in to a frenzy by their religion.

But,How did beef eating habit began in India:

(I don't want to dwell in to the Vedas because,none can live by following the vedic rules in the present day scenario)

 I came to know how this beef eating habit began in Hindus in the modern times.In earlier days when the caste system is vastly prevalent in India,most of the lower caste people had to work under the supreme castes since the low caste doesn't have their own fields or land and some times they are offended to have their own land.And in return for their work they were offered meager salaries.Few of these low caste people who were employed to cremate the dead cattle are resorted to eat the dead cattle.And this habit continued to become a cherished delicacy among them and later on became a priority for cheap nourishment.
"So,the habit of beef consumption has its roots in the crude caste system of our country "...Now,whom will you blame!!

The category who are against the ban:

  •  Now coming back to the present situation,many people who are in the beef and tanning industry directly or indirectly have retaliated over the ban.For the vendors and employees it is a struggle for Bread and Butter.Many families who are dependent on this industry will be ruined for sure.

What alternatives did the government offered to these small scale vendors??

  •    Another section of people who think this is the end of democracy,the "tongue category" (food lovers) who are also worried the most.
  •    Now one cannot force a Muslim to eat pork,and cannot compel a Brahman to have beef.It was always their personal choice depending on their religious background and personal interests.But the present ban is strictly one sided.
  •    And the poor who treat beef as a cheap source of nutrition compared to the expensive goat meat are awestruck by this sudden ban.

Anything if prohibited in bit-by-bit will earn fruitful results,but a sudden suppression will be fought back at any cost.And the pockets of the black marketers will become heavy in this pandemonium.

The group which supports the ban:

  • Most of the people wants the ban on the religious grounds and those who are against animal cruelty also support the ban.
  • Protecting an animal from getting slaughtered is a welcoming thing why don't they see it in that perspective?? asks a Blue cross member.
  • Cows provide milk and through which other diary products are prepared,ox provide the power to plough our fields,their dung is used as manure,and they reproduce only by eating grass.You cannot compare a cow with a goat or a hen says a farmer.

But in the middle of all this turmoil i came across a story which everyone must read.
A Muslim family from Maharashtra(read full story) has dedicated their lives to save more than 150 cows from the butcher's knives.They have adopted the old aged cattle which were being sold to the abattoirs by their farmers.

Cow wandering on the road.Image source: Flickr

So,if the government is concerned for the welfare of the cows,stopping the slaughter is not enough.The cattle that swarm the roads should be taken care as well,how many operational cow shelters have they built so far? 

Being.the largest producer of milk and the largest exporter of beef,the ban has dragged Indian government to cross roads.But in a secular country like India,the government should not ban things on religious grounds or else these decisions can lead to the bifurcation of communities.

Modi ji,"Bharath desh,rama janma bhoomi tabh banega jabh har insaan ek dhoosre ko izzath dhe sakhe".What kind of respect do they pay to each other,while they are busy in quarreling over meat??

Hunting,slaughtering and feasting on animals is everlasting,man has done it in the past and will continue the same in the future.But the choice always rests with us,to kill or to protect??