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        "Therefore the lord himself will give you a sign.Behold,the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,and shall call his name Immanuel(Isaiah 7:14)

  Born on the day of Christmas to virgin Mary is the "Jesus Christ".

Jesus Christ believed to be the son of god is proclaimed as the most renounced man in the history of mankind.The holy bible written by the followers of the Christ rotates around the preaching and miracles of Jesus.But many historians started to question about the authenticity of the bible and about the unmentioned years of the Jesus's life.Since there is no description about his life between the years 12 to 30 in the Bible.

The theory which is going to be revealed here is highly conspired and the authors of these books have faced a mass refute Christians all around the world.And the immutability of their religious beliefs were questioned to the core.

 These doubts gave birth to many treatises and unlocked the answers to the never answered questions.

This theory unveils the missing years of Jesus before and after crucifixion which were left unmentioned


Before crucifixion:

  In 1887,Nikolas Yokowich a Russian traveler while staying at Tibet visited the "Hemis monastery".The documents at the monastery scripted in Pali script holds information of epic proportions about the visit of Jesus to India in his early stages of life.

 Jesus,is raised by his carpenter father Joseph with great compassion. An overwhelming affection towards his son compelled Joseph to send Jesus to a university in ancient India to get young Jesus educated at the age of 12.With the help of his uncle "Aber mattheyya" young Jesus has traveled to India to the only well structured university at that time "The Nalanda university" in Bihar. One has to stay and at the university for a period of 16 years to complete their education about all the sciences.In Nalanda they teach about Buddhism,astrology,astronomy,medicine,history,linguistics, architecture etc.Being a Buddhist monastery the Buddhist principles were well taught.

  "Deeply influenced by Buddhism,jesus has become a disciple of the religion".

   And after completing his journey,Jesus returned to his birthplace and became a prophet by teaching the principles of Buddhism with an alteration.

Statue of Redeemer in Brazil opened in1931.Image source:Flickr.

Jesus Christ has name in various Languages:



3. Issa-Sanskrit



The Resurrection of Jesus:

"He then began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and after three days rise again".The above verse is from the gospel of Luke referring to the resurrection of the Jesus Christ.

According to the gospels it is believed that Jesus has ascended to heaven in his physical form after crucifixion.

  But the historians believe that Christ escaped from his death and traveled to nasibus and Iran. finally reached Afghanistan,Jesus searched for the lost sheep(the 10 lost Jew tribes of captives of the king Nebuchadnezzar of Israel).
  From Afghanistan Jesus traveled to Kashmir where his search ended.By the time Jesus reached Kashmir,the migrated Jews have already accepted Buddhism as their religion.So,Jesus had no option left than to turn his attention towards them.The Buddhist priests who are waiting for the return of the Second Buddha(as per the prophecy of Buddha) accepted Jesus as a reincarnated form of Buddha.Due to the striking resemblances between the prophecy of Buddhist texts about the return of second Buddha "Metteyya" and Jesus,the followers quickly accepted Jesus with great reverence.Thence Jesus stayed there and preached the followers until a ripe age of 120 years and died in Kashmir. The evidences for the theory are strong and accepted by the historians.


Rozobal shrine in Srinagar,believed to be the tomb of Jesus. Image Source: Homecabs
Foot prints of Jesus in Rozobal Shrine.Image source:

   In the 1st century A.D(anno domini) king Gopananda ruler of Himalayan mountain ranges encountered this godly human who proclaimed himself as  "Jesus of Nazareth".

The tomb of Jesus Christ in Kashmir still exists in "khan yar quarter" in Srinagar.

  Jesus in India was called with the name "youza Asouph" which is translated as a healer of leprosy.

  In the view of Christians this can be a hoax,a baseless allegation and against their beliefs.But their belief is also based on a book written by the followers of god,but not the god himself.

what's your comment?

   References:  1. "Misah hindustan mein" by mirza ghulam ahmad  (after the crucifixion published) in 1899.

                         2.Treatise of the research team led by the Indian government(before crucifixion)

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