Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rise of closet Gays

   India is a country popular for its culture,traditions,vast variety of customs and its rich heritage.
 But with the increase in internet usage and metropolitan culture, evolved a new trend which is long forgotten by Indians.
 Gone are the days when happiness is defined with the word "Gay".Nowadays its meaning is limited to a certain section of people who enjoys sex with the same gender.

Welcome to the "Gay culture".

 Not to get confused by the word "gay" i'm referring to all types i.e., LGBT(lesbian,gay,bisexual and transsexual).I'm sure many of you are aware of the meanings for these individual terms,otherwise check this link.

 Now,i want to share my experience.

When i was single,i used to browse the internet to reel in some desperate girls.In this lame attempt i came across a site which is dark and red in theme.I signed up and was shocked to see numerous girls profiles which are really close to my location.I smirked over the Facebook users and messaged a profile,named Neha and an instant reply made me more excited,as the chat continued for an hour i got a suspicion that my instant GF(the intimacy was great) neha is somehow a male.And i'm stunned to know the truth from him/her(I'm perplexed at that point).He revealed the truth,he is a male aged 25 years and he wants everyone to treat him like a girl.
And i slowly acknowledged that every girl profile in that particular site is made with a fake name.Their "intention was not to cheat but they want to have an intimate relationship with a guy".And that was an unofficial gay site,and all the anamikas & gouthamis turned out to be guys.

LOL This is my life.

Hiding in our plain sight:

On that day i understood the gravity of the situation.

My account in that site still exists and i was eager to know the individual reasons behind these guys in becoming "homosexuals".
The answers i received from them are verrryy reasonable...from their perspective.
1.Girls have become very commercial bhayya and maintaining a girl friend is not up to me. Sooo..
2.I'm not so good looking to get a GF.
3.Every girl hangout with some boy i couldn't find any single girl.
4.This is what my brother taught me,when i was young.
5.Boss....Finding a gay partner is lot easy nowadays.
I heard a hilarious one too..
"my friend tempted me to do it".
Sushant Divgikar Mr.India Gay 2014 winner.  Image source:IBN 

Real time studies say that homosexuality cannot be developed by an individual himself,it is a birth defect arising from hormonal imbalance.Most of the youth are succumbing themselves to the mere pleasure of sex and letting go off their sexual orientation just to have fun.

 This gay culture is increasing day by day around the world and in our country as well.It was reported that nearly 3.5% of the U.S population belong to LGBT as per a survey conducted by Gallup.
 I'm not saying that gay trend is developed by the internet itself,but it has created a window through which strangers can become friends and meet people with common interests.
 The White house has legally approved same sex marriages in this year.

 Nowadays lot of youth are open about their sexual orientation and are living together with their gay partners.You can find these couples in Delhi,Mumbai also.

This was fair till now..But!!

India's "Big brother" the supreme court of India has interfered in to the most private thing and passed a rule IPC 377(Section 377A of the Indian Penal Code, enacted by British 155 years ago in 1860) 
which outlaws carnal sex
 (see here for carnal sex).

 And in many countries like Russia there is a threat for homosexuals.They have offended and penalized for having gay sex.

Shannon & Seema a Lesbian couple married each other in 2014. Seema is an Indian. 

Shannon & Seema,Indian Lesbian Couple married in 2014.Image Source:India today 

 Many have made their marriages a living hell by compromising themselves for their family's pride.They struggle every minute to hide their sexual orientation in a homophobic society like ours.Many men in India have annulled their marriages to live together with their gay partners.
When we don't care about  the well being of a person,why should we bother about his sexuality??

Our homophobic behavior has made the lives of Hijras a living hell in India.And this has become a pain in the butt for every citizen.I pity them for their lifestyle,as they were left with no other option than begging/demanding money as no one is willing to offer them real jobs.

  In my opinion having sex is like having a tattoo.It is as personal as that.What right does the supreme court have to outlaw a man's sexuality as long as he is not invading others sexual liberty.
Stop resisting the change and start adapting to it.

Famous people who were gay:

1. Babur
2.Ala-uddin khilji
3.Mubarak khan S/o ala-uddin khilji
4.Leonardo Da Vinci.
5.Eleanor Roosevelt and list goes on.

What is your comment?

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