Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hard run for "Hinduism"

 "Will Hindus in India be a minority in the coming future".

Who cares, right!! But this is an interesting thing to think about.
Being a Hindu i can foresee this.Hindus may become a minority not in the coming 20 years but may this can be possible in 70 to 80 years.How?? 
There are numerous reasons to make this happen.

With an increase of christian agenda and its striking portrayal of lord Jesus. Many are attracted to Christianity, they may have their own reasons.
1. Christianity is no more a religion,it is a fad among the Indian youth.

A. Believe it or not this is how a modern Christian prayer hall looks like,I once went to a christian prayer hall in Hyderabad which is world renowned. As i entered in to the prayer hall, i was shocked to see the place.I didn't feel a slight hint of divinity there.Everything i heard was rock songs about Jesus.
Pearl city church in Hyderabad

All it lacked was a dance floor.

B. And there is one more catch for youth, which i came to know recently.At the time of baptising they can choose a name which they like.
Ashish has changed his name to "William Richards"(One of my friend).How trendy and posh it sounds 'William Richhhardddsss'.

2. God men:
With the increase of god men in Hinduism, the faith over the religion is fading at an optimum pace.And the hypocrisy increase as well.

Here is a master piece.Image source:Flickr

This intelligent guy is deliberately cheating the world with his antics.

3. Immutable practices of Hinduism:
A.Keeping aside the common rituals like pooja and harthi. The self torturing rituals practised by few Hindu sects will scare you.
Walking on fire, impaling bodies, killing animals in the name god.They are not meaningful anymore.
The present generation are so evolved, that's how we think about ourselves.But we don't understand the underlying intentions behind these torturous practices, even the kids are forced to perform.

4.Increase in the Muslim population in India:

With a considerable increase of Muslim population in the country as per the recent census, can be also a reason for the cause.
As Quran is against permanent birth control measures, a typical Islam follower will always avoid any permanent or temporary(Copper-T) contraceptive methods.

Seriously how can a missionary be a threat to any religion.
But that's not the case with christian missionaries.No, i'm not against the free education they are providing for the needy.I know about their good work they do in westbengal slums.But i'm quite astonished how they are injecting their religion in to the young minds in return for the their free service.

6.Free religions:
Buddhism, free religion for the free souls.Youth who doesn't follow any of the religions, can tend to say "Hey, i'm a Buddhist" and instant respect. Most of the them will google it and follow the rules of Buddhism listed in Wikipedia.

I personally feel there is no god in any of the hindu temples anymore, temples have become so commercial you have to pay money to take a look at his statue.
Simply put, the present generation needs a religion which should be light in weight, with less restrictions and more flexibility.

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